The Association is registered as a charitable organisation in the United Kingdom. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital.

The Association currently has only one full time member of Staff: The Secretary General.

The Association is governed by a General Assembly of its Members which meets not less frequently than every fourth year.

It has been the normal practice of the Association for the General Assembly of Members to be held during the week of the Triennial Conference.

There is an elected Council upon which sit three representatives from each of six regions:

  • Caribbean
  • East, Central and Southern Africa
  • West Africa
  • Indian Ocean
  • Atlantic and Mediterranean
  • Pacific Ocean

plus the President, the Executive Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Chairman of the Steering  Committee.

The CMJA Council  also includes Life Vice Presidents and the Immediate Past President. The Council meets at least once a year. (See Constitution 2022).

The CMJA also has a Director of Programmes, a full time judge, who provides voluntary assistance to organise the CMJA’s educational programme. Our current Director of Programmes is District Judge Shamim Qureshi (England and Wales).

The CMJA also has an Executive Committee which meet four times a year.