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Commonwealth Organisations

The Commonwealth Secretariat
Commonwealth Foundation
The Commonwealth Lawyers Association
Commonwealth Legal Education Association
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Commonwealth Association of Public Sector Lawyers
Royal Commonwealth Society
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Commonwealth of Learning
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

Commonwealth Judicial Organisations

Country/Region Court/Judicial Body Website
Australia Association of Australian Magistrates
High Court of Australia
Federal Court of Australia
Australian Judicial Officers Association Australian Judicial Officers Association | (
United Kingdom
(England and Wales)
Ministry of Justice
Courts and Tribunals Courts and Tribunals Judiciary
Magistrates’ Association of England and Wales
Canada Canadian Superior Court Judges Association
Canadian Judicial Council
National Judicial Institute
Eastern Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court
Malawi Malawi Judiciary
Malaysia Malaysian Judiciary
Malta Malta Judiciary
Singapore Singapore Subordinate Courts
South Africa Judicial Officers Association of South Africa
Trinidad and Tobgo The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago
Uganda Uganda Courts of Judicature



Interights Human Rights Database

International Commission of Jurists
(Centre For the Independence of Judges and Lawyers)

International Association of Women Judges