Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to any individual who is a past or present member of any level of the judiciary or has connections with the courts within the Commonwealth.


You will receive the Commonwealth Judicial Journal twice a year. It carries articles of interest to members in their court work throughout the Commonwealth;

You will be sent a Newsletter twice yearly. This carries both news about the Association’s activities and about Members themselves;

You will be able to exchange views with like-minded individuals through the network of contacts the CMJA has around the Commonwealth;

You can attend the Major Conferences organised approximately every three years to coincide with the Association’s Triennial General Assembly Meetings;

You can find out about the Training courses organised by the CMJA on court administration, case management, human rights and sentencing which are organised periodically in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The current Judicial Education Programme also includes training on judicial ethics and family law, as well as global developments in the law;

You can obtain copies of our publications – click here for further information;

You can join the Gender Section and promote gender equality and women’s right’s around the Commonwealth; Click here for further details

You can contribute to the work of the Association by promoting its aims in your jurisdiction.


You can apply for Membership or Renew your subscription and submit your subscription online. Please scroll down this page to fill in the online form. We will contact you with confirmation on receipt of your application. The costs for various periods of membership are listed below.

Alternatively, if you prefer to print off an application form and send us a cheque, you can do so by clicking here.


Non Salaried
(lay magistrate/judge or retired magistrate/judge)


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Please complete ALL FIELDS in the form below and click the Send button. Before paying for your membership, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ENSURE THAT YOU FULFIL ALL THE REQUIREMENTS TO BECOME AND INDIVIDUAL MEMBER of the CMJA, in particular that you are qualified as a lawyer or judicial officer in a Commonwealth jurisdiction (ie: one of the Member States or dependent territories of the Commonwealth of Nations) in accordance with Article 3.4 of the Constitution.


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The CMJA retains the information on its membership in a secure area in accordance with its privacy policy.

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I agree for my details to be passed on to CMJA Trustees /Council Members only for CMJA administrative purposes including contact in relation to outstanding membership fees as well as updating information on regional events.
I agree to the CMJA contacting me in relation to surveys it may be conducting or enquiries from other members in line with its objectives.
I agree to be contacted by the CMJA in relation to any requests for nominees for seminars /visits/ training or workshops organised by national, regional or international organisations the CMJA works closely with.
I agree to be contacted by the CMJA in relation to any judicial visits (groups or individuals) to my jurisdiction
I agree to be contacted by the CMJA in relation to judicial or legal vacancies in the Commonwealth or beyond
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I agree to be contacted by the CMJA Endowment Trust in relation to donations or news from the Trust.